How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

Skin tags or acrochordon are a benign piece of skin flap hanging from the skin. Common places are under the breasts, armpits, the groin area, eyelids, neck and similar annoying places. The important thing to remember is they are harmless, and usually painless.

Benign Skin Tag

Most people who opt to remove benign tumors, do so for cosmetic reasons, as they aren´t particularly nice to look at. There are over the counter products that you spray on, freezing the skin tag, causing it to fall off in a few days and similar products like that.

However the most natural way to remove them, that I´ve personally come across, is the tea tree oil method. It’s a simple method, but it seems to work for a lot of people.

To remove them with this method you need to obtain some tea tree oil, obviously, and some cotton balls.

  • Start by cleaning the area thoroughly with soap. It is important to rinse the soap off well.

  • Then add a few drops of the oil in a cotton ball and rub it on the skin blemish, rub for a few seconds, 10-15.

  • Do this at least three times every day, and you should be free of these benign tumors in, at most, a week.

While this way seems too simple, it is very effective. You just have to be consistent in applying the oil and before you know it, you are walking around skin tag free.

Now go get some tea tree oil. :)

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